Bad Field Trip

by Digit Dealer

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This album is about being young and desperate for attention.


released August 19, 2011

Digit Dealer is Austin Robey, Arvind Dilawar, Sean Adams. Recorded and mixed in Austin's bedroom.



all rights reserved


Digit Dealer New York, New York

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Track Name: Hoodrats are Talking
two heavy petting kids were making out in the back of the beauty bar.
they went outside for a long drag.
then it spilled outside. onto the sidewalks and under the neon lights of myrtle avenue
some kids were screaming. "get a fucking room!"

seriously, we were kinda disgusting.
but we didn't care if the hoodrats were talking.

it felt like something new taking a black cab to your white neighborhood, where graphic designers go and get brunch on sundays.

seriously, we were kinda disgusting.
but we didn't care if the hoodrats were talking
Track Name: This is America
from the northeast to the southwest
I went there with some friends
heard Three Doors Down on the jukebox
saw confederate flags on pick-up trucks

another night a new townie pub
where girls and their moms get too drunk
then drive home

this is america.
we drove across the whole thing.
from new york to LA they all say the same thing.

"if you don't like it, get the fuck out."
Track Name: Homoeroticism in the Fall Out Boy Canon
you've got stains on your pillow cases
you're a notch in a bedpost
its theatricality and self awareness
but i can read between the lines

"im watching you two from the closet"
"sleeping for the wrong team"
"i've been dying to tell you"

sugar, you're going down
i figured it all out
it sounds pretty closeted.
not that there's anything wrong with that, though.
Track Name: Second Winds
I don't remember saying you're a terrible artist
Or saying that I fetishize redheads
Or waking up from second winds
Inexplicably shouting explitives

I never cease to embarrass myself.
Track Name: Where Were We When We Were Werewolves?
Where were we when we were werewolves
pioneering streets like a pack of two wild animals?
its like we had a mission
let's test the limits to the benefits of friendship

You're making it difficult.
Why did you move to Detroit?
I saw destruction pornography in a Time magazine.

Where were we when we were werewolves?